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since: 18-oct-2010



: redpoison

: female, virgo


type: fanfiction

fandom: Dong Bang Shin Ki

shipper: YunJae

since: xx-aug-2009

relevant blog;

 (1) url:

★ Limited Access! .. this blog’s available for freinds only! ★

 Q: How to befriend with me ?

A: Just report yourselves, you’re the one come & read my fan-fictions & leave me yr email addresssomewhere (my mail box, ems. or comment) so that i can add you back in my freinds’ list. ^^~



my other addiction(s);

(apart from watchin’ yunjae!porn ;-)

1. music (any genres except pure-jazz)

2. coffee (self-made)

3.gummy jelly (no-suga-coated)


my (total) bias; 



‘ jaejoongie <3 ‘ 


–  redpoisonexclusive.wordpress –

   credit ( pics & gif ) : as tagged, tumblr

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