‘Heart Drives’


Title: Heart Drives 

Pairing: yunxjae, yooxsu, minxho(shinee)

Rating: R

Chapters: prologue  l  intro  l  1  l  2  l  3  l  4  l  5  l  6  l  7  l  8  l

9  l  10  l  11  l  12  l  13  l   14  l  special  l  15  l  16  l  17.1  l  17.2  l

Status: completed!


‘Nobody Knows’

“The only story between us – no one knows; it’s ours

Title; ‘Nobody Knows*’

Pairing; Jung Yunho x Kim Jaejoong;

series l NC-17* l AU, romance, H/C, slight dark

Chapters:  [1] [2] [3] [4/1] [4/2] …


What You Know About*

Title: What You Know About

Author; redpoison

Pairing; YunhoxJaejoong, YoochunxJunsu, ChangminxKey

Rating; R to NC-17*

Genre; bandfic, rps, smut, angst

Chapters: [foreword] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [finale]


‘Cant’ Love But Want To’


“where you got no choice, ….how you gonna choose?”

Title; ‘Can’t love but want to*’

Pairing; Jung Yunho x Kim Jaejoong;

co-staring; Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu, Shim Changmin

3-shot l NC-17* l AU, romance, angst

Chapters: [pre-face] [1] [2a] [2b] [3/END]

Status: completed!



“This guy is mine; Just like his skin – just as –his every breath”

Title; ‘I’m Sorry; I’m J’s

Pairing; U-Know Yunho x Hero Jaejoong;

series l R l RPS, romance, bandfic

Chapters:  [1] [2] [3] … 


‘No Promises’  (on-going)

pairing: yunxjae
overall rating: r
genre: au; romance; angst
chapters:  preface  l  1.1   l 1.2  l  3  l  4  l 5.1  l 5.2  5.3  l  5.4 
       6.1  l  6.2  l interlude  l  8  l  9  l 10  l  G R A Y (special)  l 11


My lil Joongie & My Pretty Joongie <3

Theme I‘My lil Joongie’

 a series  of lil!yunnie and lil!joongie

pairing: lil!yunnie x lil!joongie

genre: au; fluff

rating: g to pg-13

Link : [Series] My lil Joongie (1)  [Series] My lil Joongie (2)

Theme II: ‘My Pretty Joongie’

a sequel series to ‘My lil Joongie’ – where the 2 lil boys become college students.

pairing: college!yunnie x college!joongie

genre:  au; fluff

rating: pg-13 to r

Link :


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