Yunho in Running Man (EP.27)


This entry is _______________________________   .    (empty in any senses & full of crack  idea w/broken english)

PLEASE SKIP, if you hate stuff like; OPV, fanaccount, self-proclaimed, non-sense note & ETC.


BUT If you really insist to (try to) read,

  ME welcome U to the world of mind-spinning  :

(JJ: Watch my husband!? — Be sure to behave yrslef)


Since my life is so freaking free these days, I’ve spent much of my time online watching randomly old dong bang (5!) vids & clips.

Among all above, the Running Man program is one  of all – i just happened to complete it last night (after long long time aired on SBS). I know, yeah, i’m always out of date (not as regular basis but just like….ages lol)

AND:  during entertaining myself & LMFAO becuz of many amusing scenes presented in this show – my heart then just skipped beating for a whole 5 seconds when show time bar still running.


THERE I’m wondering if any of usthe yunjae fans out there see this shot?

Is it Yunho index finger keep tapping only on  the word?? (while the MC name Jae Sook was revealing)



Of course!,

I sat up on the sofa-bed. eye widened. grabbed my disco-mouse (its colors dancing&changing all the time connected to my laptop) .

I clicked on the PAUSE  once disco-mouse held firmly under my palm. Rewinding the running bar to the place I (though I) just saw!

(A/N: I’m so sorry for suck quality of my cut version vid)



(calm myself down and take a long deep breath).

THIS is just…… ah  The Return of the Couple  King  — what  in front of my eyes ????

As much as it’s just probably be a coincidence, a little of fan-service, or a nothing at all even a mere bit in his innocent mind





it affects me,

it’s treasure for me,



‘Yunnie got all my whole HEART to take’

for his being so damn cute in tapping the last Running Ball like it was his most precious thing !!!

YH: Thank U Noona (^^)


YH: Next round, I’ll make sure doing my best!!


JJ: Told you Noona, he just ‘love’ only me -//-


YH: All for you baby


I know i’m freaking weirdo and blah, blah,blah (and it’s just too clear now)

I’d warned you to please skip this entry earlier due to me, still not sure, if I wrote something very non-non-sense due to the effect of big damaged after watching the vid hit my all over brain .

well, here is time for me to shut my silly thought up now.

but wait! (shout to myself)

it’s yunjae — right? ……. the very first Korean stuff that brought you & made you to stuck with them so far (nodding slowly)

it’s also yunjae —right? …….hypnotized you til you broke the wall in mind and became their noona fan as dong bang shin ki five ~~~ til the day of last breath.


ans:  ……   yayyyyyyyyy !!

JS+YC+JJ+CM+YH : Noona~~~~  Thank youuuu ^^


note to my 19 subscribers:

I’m so sorry I shouldn’t write it out here cuz it will go direct to your mail box once I press the ‘publish button’.

I will try not to do this again very often –okay? I mean, yeah — in the future.

as much as i love my one & (sometimes) too obvious  fandom … my reader-ah, ‘I love U too’   ~~~

I’m sorry again for wasting your time & neh! …. i hope to see u again!

 : END

(and gone crazy)


Full program (Eng Sub) credit: iSUBs & DBSKnights

All gif files credit: tumblr

Images credit: tumblr & google

Current Music: SUPERSTAR – TVXQ (HoMin)

Current Location: In Heaven ^^



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